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Oldsmobile 307-403 V8 Manifolds

Oldsmobile 307-403 V8 Manifolds Image

Edelbrock Oldsmobile Performer Olds 350 (Idle 5500 RPM) 358.72

OLDSMOBILE 307-403 V8 - PERFORMER OLDS 350 (IDLE-5500 RPM) - Designed for street 307-330-350-403 c.i.d. Oldsmobile V8's, 1966-85. For non-EGR, the new #2711 manifold comes with a universal pad to fit most carburetors with electric chokes. For EGR, #3711 is stock replacement/street legal part for 307, 350 and 403 V8's with OEM 4-bbl. carb.; 1972-85; except 1976 with back pressure EGRs. 350 GM Corporate engines, 1981-86, use Performer #3701 for stock replacement. Will fit 1980-1/2 to 1985 307 c.i.d. V8's with 5A heads (casting #3317). Carburetor Recommendations: #2711: Edelbrock Thunder Series AVS or Performer Series carb, 500-650 cfm. #3711: OEM 4-bbl. Installation Notes: Edelbrock Performer Series, Thunder Series AVS and Carter AFB carburetors will not fit #3711. Recommended intake gasket: Fel-Pro #MS96027. For 403 Pontiac Trans Am, use OEM 4-bbl. only (for shaker hood clearance). EGR block-off plate included. Use choke block-off plate #8951 (included). Factory cruise control will not clear EGR valve without linkage alteration. For EGR applications, use stock carb only. HEI will clear this manifold. Manifold height: A-2.50", B-3.90"; Carb pad height: 3.20". Port exit dimensions: 1.18" x 1.86". Camshaft Recommendations: Performer Plus #3712.

Performer Olds 350 (non-EGR) - #2711 - $358.72

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