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Electric Fuel Pumps

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Edelbrock Quiet-Flo Electric Fuel Pump 239.51

QUIET-FLO™ ELECTRIC FUEL PUMPS - These state-of-the-art Electric Fuel Pumps offer maximum performance in a compact package. With anodized aluminum housings and high-quality internals, they are both strong and durable. Each pump is factory-tested and includes mounting brackets. The carbon fiber vanes and composite rotors give these pumps the added boost for maximum performance. The high quality construction results in a pump that is 4 to 14 dB quieter than competitors’ pumps at the same pressure. #1791 is factory preset to 6.5 psi and no regulator is required. With a replaceable screen type inlet filter and the free flow rate of 120 GPH it is sufficient to supply 600 hp. Important Notes: These pumps should be mounted as close to the fuel tank as possible, at or below the fuel level. For proper installation and voltage requirements, use fuel pump relay kit #1795.

* 120 GPH (free flow), 3/8" NPT Inlet/Outlet for Carbureted Applications - #1791 - $239.51

HP Rating:
384 hp @ 12.0 VDC
480 hp @ 14.0 VDC @ 6.5 psi.

Current Draw:
3.2 amps @ 12.0 VDC
3.6 amps @ 14.0 VDC @ 6.5 psi

Your Price:$239.51