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Ididit Steering Columns

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Right Hand Drive Columns & Mounts (67-68 Camaro, 68 Mustang, 69 Mustang starting at $548.52
For the dedicated hobbyist overseas, ididit offers a fully collapsible right hand drive steering column. The ididit Collapsible Series columns are one of the safest products you can install in your vehicle. Combined with the proper collapsible floor mount and underdash mount, this column will sustain impacts better than any standard steering column can, keeping you safe. Our Right Hand Drive Collapsible column includes all the same great fearutes as our Universal Tilt Series columns such as, our unique 8-position tilt, self-canceling turn signals, 4-way flashers and our standard dress-up kit. Available in paintable steel, chrome plated steel, or black powder coated.

Tube Diameter:
Upper: 2-1/4" Camaro: 2"
Lower: 2" Camaro: 2-1/4"
Output Shaft:
Regular Length Steel: 1" DD
1967-68 Camaro: 1" 48
1968-69 Mustang: 3/4" 36
Steering Wheel Adaptor Required:
69 or Newer GM Passenger Car
Ford Shaft columns require an adaptor for the same year as your application.

Right Hand Drive Columns Part Numbers: Steel $506.77 Chrome or Black $628.90
1250680010 1967-68 Camaro Paintable Steel
1250680020 1967-68 Camaro Chrome
1250680051 1967-68 Camaro Black Powder Coated
1250644010 1968 Mustang Ford Shaft Paintable Steel
1250644020 1968 Mustang Ford Shaft Chrome
1250644051 1968 Mustang Ford Shaft Black Powder Coated
1250646010 1969 Mustang Ford Shaft Paintable Steel - Call to order
1250646020 1969 Mustang Ford Shaft Chrome - Call to order
1250646051 1969 Mustang Ford Shaft Black Powder Coated - Call to order

Collapsible Mount Part Numbers:
Available Options:
Collapsible Floor Mount: This mount is designed to mount a steering column to the floor or firewall, and can be installed on either side of the firewall.
2401010010 - 2" - $25.69
2402010010 - 2-1/4" - $26.86

Collapsible Floor Mount with plate:
This mount is designed to mount a steering column to the floor or firewall. It includes extra material to allow you to repair any holes in the firewall left behind by the existing steering column. Trim to fit.
2401020010 - 2" - $35.39
2402020010 - 2-1/4" - $37.21

Collapsible Underdash Mount:
This dash mount is specifically designed for the ididit Collapsible Series steering columns. The mounts located on eitehr side of the mounting brackets have aluminum release blocks and when impacted, will slip or release allowing the mount to collapse forward (away from the driver) along with the rest of the collapsible steering system.
2301410010 - 2" - $84.74
2301310010 - 2-1/4" - $84.74

Your Price:$548.52
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